Friday, June 26, 2009

A very full day!

This morning I went to see my own doctor since I needed more pain medication. He asked if it was effective and I said it wasn't totally taking the pain away. He said that I am not up to the full strength of the drug so we are continuing the same drug and I am going to slowly increase it until the pain goes away without me having to take additional Tylenol 3's. I am hoping we can soon reach pain-free days because today was a pretty pain-full day again and I had difficulty walking well.
I joined my school staff for our end of the school year lunch. It was good to see everyone, but unfortunately I couldn't stay long because I had to go for a radiation treatment. It was very emotional to be with my staff. It reminded me so much of the teaching time I had missed this year and how much I missed them all. [Sorry, I snuck out on you, ACES staff - it was just too hard to say goodbye.]
My radiation treatment went smoothly and quickly today. The technicians didn't need to take any more pictures - they strictly did the treatment and I was done in 30 minutes. That's how quickly it should go from now on. That's fast, eh? I was back in room #3 - which is my treatment room so I didn't get to see any new ceiling pictures.

Love, Sandra


  1. It was just lovely to see you....You do look amazing!! You and that lovely smile of yours....a blessing to us all....thank you so much for making the effort...even if I only got to see you just for a minute it was so worth it! Enjoy the happy sun today!!!

  2. Aw man, no cool ceiling pictures! Maybe next time!