Thursday, June 4, 2009


This morning I had an appointment with my radiation oncologist. He explained a little of what would be happening in the next phase of my treatment. I will be given radiation for 5 weeks, or 25 days, beginning sometime around June 22. [Originally I was told I'd have 4 and a half weeks of radiation; 5 weeks sounds so much longer]. I will have radiation in three spots - the lymph nodes in the neck, the lymph nodes under the left arm, and the chest wall. The two main side effects of the radiation are fatigue and the soreness of the skin. That seems less severe than the chemotherapy, doesn't it? I'll just stock up on books and movies and the couch and my lounge chair will become my best friends for the month of July.
The rest of today I have just been lying on the couch. I am so tired and even though I like to read, I keep dozing off. My temperature is normal right now so that's very good. Pray that it stays like that because I don't want to visit the emergency room again.

In His love,

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