Thursday, June 25, 2009

In A Tropical Paradise

Today my radiation was in a different treatment room and there were palm trees waving in the sky this time. I suppose it was intended that I think of myself on a sandy beach, soaking up those wonderful "radiation" rays! The second radiation treatment took a little longer than yesterday but all went well. I don't notice anything yet but it's a little early for that, I imagine.
I joined the Bible study group in my complex this morning. It was good to be a part of that and delve into I Peter 3 and pray together. How wonderful is the communion of the saints!
I wanted to go to my niece's graduation this evening but that was just a little too much for one day so I passed on that. Sorry, Erin, but I know you understand. Congratulations, girl, and I know you are excited about what's ahead!



  1. I'm sorry you didn't feel up to going to Erin's grad. I know you were excited about it. Visitors didn't tire you out too much, did they?!?!

    Hope you have a great day today. Maybe you'll be feeling up to visiting with staff before zap #3! Hope so:).


  2. I do hope that when going through radation who get to see a few more of those relexing ratiations rooms!