Friday, July 17, 2009

Have a great weekend!

Radiation continues to go so well and for that I am very grateful. The doctor said I didn't need any antibiotic cream for my skin - it's just looking too good for that. He said I'm taking care of it well and everything looks as good as it can for this stage of the radiation. So that's wonderful - no complications, just plain, smooth radiation. Yeah! I do need my little afternoon rest but that's OK - it's nice enough weather so I can sit outside on my lounge chair on the deck.
My hair is growing back in! It's about 1 mm. long and I think it's going to be black and curly this time around (just kidding - you can't tell right now). Anyways - it is very exciting!
Tomorrow we're having a family barbecue at my sister's place. It'll be fun to get together and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

Take care!

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