Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Over the Bridge

Today was a full day but still very relaxing for me. My sister and brother-in-law and three of their children arrived about noon from Alberta to say "hi" as they were driving through Abbotsford on their way to my mom and dad's. They're here for awhile so it'll be good to enjoy some family time together. Jeanette took me to radiation treatment today. I am beginning to feel the treatments a little now and you can see it on the skin but it's not too bad yet. After treatment we went to pick up berries and then took a drive through Fort Langley, stopping at a book store, and taking the Albion Ferry to Maple Ridge. From there we drove over the new Golden Ears bridge (I won't tell how many times we went back and forth over it) and then we drove back to Abbotsford and had some supper before returning home. It was a good drive and I was content to be a passenger just taking in the scenery. I was rather tired today but it was alright because I had no responsibilities. Thanks for the field trip, Jeanette!
Now I'll do a little reading before heading off to bed.

Love, Sandra

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    Sounds like a fun day. Apparently catching the bridge at sunset is very beautiful. I am looking forward to cycling over it in the next week or so. See you soon. I'll call later or call me at school when it is good for you.