Wednesday, June 27, 2012

God is good!

What a beautiful day! Sunny, warm, and full of good things. My brother-in-law fixed something that had been broken a long time on my computer. My sister gave me a little hair trim this evening. We tried to make my hair look thicker because it's getting so thin and it worked. I had friends drop by to visit and that was just plain heart-warming. I didn't have to move around much today and that meant the pain stayed away for the most part. Yay! Thank you, God, for relief from pain. I even played a song on the piano. God is so good; He's so good to me!

In God's love,


  1. I love that familiar tune. God is so good! I wanted to tell you that I'm back home on Canadian soil and I'd love to see you sometime in the next couple of weeks. Love, Victoria

    1. Anytime, Victoria. I'd love to see you and hear about your year abroad. Just give me a call sometime.


  2. That's so great to hear, Sandra! I'm glad that you're able to experience a lot of good things in the midst of difficulty. You are a joy-spreader! (Maybe that needs to be a throughline!!!) Talk to you soon. Hope all goes well with th CT scan tomorrow. Prayers and hugs...