Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let Go and Let God

Finally I'm feeling awake and alert enough to put up this post on my blog. Yesterday afternoon I had my nephrostomy tube replaced. However, just like Monday afternoon, what was supposed to be routine and painless turned into another painful experience. When the doctor went in to replace the tube he noticed that the kidney had collapsed, or was not dilated. He suspects that there is either a tumour in the kidney, or a tumour pressing against it. I needed a lot of morphine and have continued taking a lot today, too. I'm pretty good as long as I remain still and don't move around much. It takes all my pain-fighting energy just to go in or out of my chair. I'm the most content to just stay put in one place and I keep dozing off. My mom and dad were with me the last two nights and now my sister and brother-in-law are here.
I just read a devotional about worry. Pretty appropriate for me right now. It's easy to worry about what is next down the road but that's not going to help. Help me to let go, God, and give this painful burden over to You.

Thank you all for your prayers and love,

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