Thursday, February 12, 2009

The First Note

Hey Everybody!

This is Erin (Sandra's niece) writing, and we just wanted to first of all thank each and everyone of you for keeping her in your prayers. The support is such an encouragment, so thank you all.

We want to keep you as updated as we can, so you can know how the process is going. We will try our best to be punctual, but we might need to ask for your patience on some things.

So, today the journey really began. Surgery started at 12:45 and was done by late afternoon. Waking up was good and my aunt had no problems breathing or with nausea! So that's one success already! She's very tired and has little to no strength, but overall, from what we've heard it has been a successful surgery. We will know more about it tomorrow when we talk to Dr. Byrne, the surgeon.

My mom was with her for most of the evening, and we visited her tonight, and she looks great! Her color is good and she's still smiling!

So that's really all we know for now, we will let you know when we find out more tomorrow.

Keep praying,

Erin on behalf of the Elgersma Crew

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