Monday, February 23, 2009

Just want to let you know how the day went before we sit down for supper. Ardie made a roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes and broccoli with cheese. Mmm!! My brother and nieces are over, too, so we can eat dinner together. That's wonderful! The surgeon removed the drains and the staples and because I have no feeling in the surgery area, it was a painless procedure. It feels good to be freed of that apparatus, that's for sure. The pathology report was a little discouraging - I was hoping for no lymph node involvement but that is not the case. One lymph node of the 8 removed was affected which is not good. The tumor was very close to the muscle and the skin so some muscle was removed as well. It was more invasive than I(and maybe they) thought and now I wonder what that will mean for further treatment. My surgeon guessed that I may need chemotherapy and radiation to eliminate that muscle involvement. I'm glad for 3-4 more weeks for the healing process before I go to the cancer clinic. I came home very tired and rested for the rest of the afternoon. I hope I can gradually do more this week. I will be on my own tonight. I know Nathaniel and Ardie will continue to drop by and help out with anything but being on my own shows progress, too.
Please continue to pray for healing from the surgery and calmness and peace in dealing with the report. Thank you for being there.
And now, it's time for supper.

Love, Sandra

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  1. Hey you...I tried to post a comment earlier, but it wasn't working. So, I'll try again.

    How was your night? Were you lonely on your first night on your own in a while?! I hope you relished in having your place to yourself for a bit. I imagine that you don't miss those drains very much, though:). How was your shower? I hope it was nice...and all you'd hoped it would be. The things we take for granted, hey?

    Thanks again for supper last night. It was nice to be able to join you and your family:). And, nice that I didn't have to cook (thanks for that, Ardie!!).

    I hope you have a good week. I will definitely try to call you sometime this week...maybe Thursday after our student-leds.

    Lots of love,