Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Laundry Today

OK--maybe the folding laundry, watering plants and taking a bath were all too much for one day. I personally think it was the staying up to watch The Bachelor that was the clincher :-)! (We were rooting for Jillian--of course we wanted the Canadian to win.) Anyway, today she's more tired and looking a bit more pale again. No folding laundry today!

The home health care nurse came in again this morning. She said the wound and drains are looking really good. That's very good news.

Several of you have left comments about visiting. Unfortunately we haven't always been able to get those comments until quite late. The best thing to do if you're thinking of dropping by is to call first. That way whoever is with Sandra will let you know if she's sleeping or feeling up to it.

Having said that, keep the comments coming on the blog. Sandra is really looking forward to reading them once she can access her computer (hopefully tonight!).

(by Ardie)


  1. Too bad you're feeling more tired...too many good days makes one feel invincible?!

    Hope you have some good rest and that your energy returns.

    Thanks, Ardie, for keeping Sandra's blog updated until she can do it herself. It will be nice to have the computer working downstairs...hopefully tonight, you say?! That would be great.

    Talk to you soon:). Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow night. If you need someone to stay with you on Wed, or Thurs evening let me know...I'm happy to do it!


  2. Hi Sandra: Thankful that your recovery is going so well! (we too were disappointed about Jillian..) May our lord continue to bless your healing process! Love and blessings...
    the Van Wyk's

  3. Hi Miss Elgersma,
    You are such a GREAT music teacher! I've missed having you as a music teacher! I hope you feel better really, soon!

  4. Hi Sandra,
    I will call you on Monday and see if you are up for a visit then... I've written it down to call!
    Ardie, you're doing a great job with this blog!
    And Sandra, don't overdo it... especially not on LAUNDRY!!!! You crazy girl!!!
    ♥ Sarah