Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good evening!

Another wonderful day! I had my hair washed, watched a movie, folded some laundry (can you guess this is my favourite chore?), visited with friends that came by this afternoon, and just enjoyed the day. Ardie, my sister-in-law, is spending the weekend with her family at home and Jeanette, a good friend, is here with me this weekend. Some of you were wondering if I am alone but there is always someone here with me, for which I am very grateful! I like having company in the house and I also cannot do everything myself yet so it's nice to have help.
I just have to say thank you again for encouraging cards (I keep opening up cards every day - I'm going to have to string them up around my bedroom), gifts of food, visits, emails, and above all your prayers! I feel so loved and truly grateful!



  1. Hi Miss Elgersma!
    That's so great that you are feeling good! I'm so glad!

  2. I am glad you had fun!!!!! It must be nice to fold laundry! Hope the movie was nice!

  3. Hi Sandra!

    I'm just sitting here at work thinking about you:). I had a good time this weekend. It was great to hang out and watch movies and relax with you. I pray that things go well with the removal of drains and staples this afternoon and that the reports you get from the doctor are positive. Head up, my friend:).

    Lots of love,