Thursday, September 27, 2012

God's Surprise

This morning I was up early saying a sad good-bye to my company. We had such a wonderful week together and it was hard to part ways again. I wish the world wasn't quite so large, don't you?
Yesterday I had an appointment with my oncologist. After much talking and deliberating she decided to hold back on the harsh chemo drug for now. She was happy to see me feeling so well and doing things and she just didn't want to make me sick again. She was pleased that I had stayed out of the hospital and didn't want to set my body back at this time. She was concerned that I had lost weight and urged me to eat as well as I could to put that weight back on again. So I am going to have the same chemo drug as the last three cycles and pray that goes well. This is the time for my body to stabilize and build up again so I'm strong enough for that harsh drug down the road. You know, I'm perfectly fine with that decision and I marvel at how God has orchestrated this new plan. It's His little surprise as an answer to prayer; as a way to ease my apprehension at this time. I stand amazed at His ways! He always knows what is best!

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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