Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Replacement Day

This afternoon I had both nephrostomy tubes changed. It went very smoothly but it's a little painful now. Just having new tubes put in causes some pain because of the moving around that happens inside my body. I am put under for the procedure so I've just been a little groggy since coming home again. The neph. tubes have to be replaced every six weeks and today was the first time both sides were done. At least they are both on the same timeline.
I'm hoping a good night's sleep will mean I can wake up pain-free in the morning. What a gift it is to be able to sleep in peace and awake feeling chipper once again. God made our bodies so amazingly intricate and able to "bounce back" after all they go through.

With thankfulness,

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  1. Thinking of you this evening, Sandra, and praying, asking God to watch over you and bless you with a restful night. Makes us smile to know that He "rejoices over you with singing" as He gives sleep. May He renew and strengthen you for tomorrow.