Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oops - Not the Day I Expected

Today began well but kind of deteriorated. My stomach just wouldn't co-operate and by the time I was supposed to be thinking supper, I was throwing up instead. Oh dear, not the way I was hoping the day would go. So I'm back on the anti-nausea drugs to keep my stomach feeling better. It's settling down again so maybe I'll be able to eat later on. This morning my sister and I brought my wig away to be cleaned up and re-styled. I took it out of its little case where it had been stored the last few years and now I'm getting ready to wear it again. I like it, though. I think it still looks nice.
Please pray that the next week and a half will go well. I don't have treatment again until next week Friday and I would just love to feel good until then.

In Christ's love,

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