Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cycle 4 Completed

Yesterday's chemo went very smoothly and I was so happy that I could even have it. God answered prayers and my blood was in the "normal" range. I am thrilled that my body can fight the chemo and fight it well.
Today has been a very sleepy day. This morning I went grocery shopping with my sister and I think I pretty much slept most of the afternoon away. My niece from Alberta arrived in the early afternoon. She's staying here for the Thanksgiving weekend.
Thank you for visiting me at my blog. Sabbath blessings to you as you worship God with His people tomorrow. May you be strengthened and nourished in your faith.

In Him,


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  2. Dear Sandra
    Again you've been on my heart these past days as I keep looking for an update from you. It's now Tuesday night, and I'm concerned because it's been 4 days since you had your treatment and 3 days since your last post. While I'm 'unsettled' with not-knowing, I'm thankful that our all-knowing and loving Heavenly Father is there beside you. Still, at the same time, I am feeling some 'angst' for you; I 'worry' that you are suffering pain, nausea, or complications. My heart is heavy as I consider how difficult it must be for you to continue to live out the challenges of living with cancer day after day! May it encourage you tonight to know that, while we can't take your 'cup' from you, we can help you 'hold your arms' up during this 'battle'. Yes, so many of your friends and family continue to bring you and your needs to God because we love you. Tonight we pray - "Oh God, our caring and 'good' shepherd who looks after us in good times and bad; hold Sandra close and keep her safe in your fold. Let her relax in your protective embrace; let her see and experience visible signs of your presence. Come to her rescue, and give her strength, comfort, and perfect peace so her body can rest and be renewed. Amen.