Thursday, March 15, 2012


There is no box
Made by God
Nor us
But that the sides can be flattened out
And the top blown off
To make a dance floor
On which to celebrate life.
Kenneth Caraway

What a wonderful day I've had today. It 's just been so good to feel a little more energetic, and hungry, and pain-free. My sister and I even squeezed in a small shopping outing this afternoon. That was just plain fun! Tomorrow I begin the chemo pills again and I am hoping they go down smoothly and without side-effects.

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  1. I used the same poem years ago as a conclusion to a presentation about my culture/values; I can picture you doing a praise dance ♥! Thanks for reminding me to 'dance and celebrate' regardless of life's circumstances. So thankful you had a good day, Sandra; it's wonderful to know that God is your 'dance partner' and that He will continue to hold you and lead you through the dance in the days ahead. Praying for continued strength and no side-effects!