Friday, March 9, 2012

Speedy Answer

The prayers for a bed worked very effectively! Within a half hour of posting this blog, Sandra had a bed! I should have added a prayer request for a room too. Her bed's in the hallway, but it's in a spot that's actually more private than a shared room. We're looking at the positives of the situation. She has her own bathroom because of the worry of infection.

Also because of the worry of infection, Sandra is requesting no visitors at this time. She's just not feeling up to it and even though she finished her first round of chemo yesterday, she still is at high risk for any infection without the ability to fight it.

She had a good sleep last night and is awaiting surgery. I talked with the nurse a little while ago and she said surgery may not happen until tomorrow.

Pain is under much better control. Sandra is resting as comfortably as one can be in the hospital. She's been very strong and upbeat in spite of all of this. She radiates Joy.

Thanks for all of your continued prayers on Sandra's behalf.

--written by Ardie

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