Thursday, March 22, 2012

A New Bed

Today my new bed arrived and it's adjustable. I'll be able to sit up in bed or sleep at any angle that's comfortable. Really I can't wait to go to bed tonight. It could be a long sleeping-in tomorrow!! Of course, if it is as sunny as it was today I'll want to get up and enjoy that warm sunshine.
I'm noticing the effects of my chemo pills. My fingertips are getting very cracked and sore. I can especially feel it on my thumbs and pointer fingers. I'm lathering them with cream, but I can't keep them moist. The skin is just drying out. Oh dear... hope it doesn't get too much worse.

In His love,

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  1. Dear Sandra,
    I just googled "Wholehearted Thanksgiving" and one of the top responses was "Miss Elgersma's Blog". That just took me 30 years back to JKCS in Woodstock Ontario. And if I am not wrong you are the 'Miss Elgersma' I knew. You went to Dordt with my sister Edna.

    I was reading some of your posts and the thing I noticed that you have that whole hearted love for the Lord. And even when times are difficult you still rejoice. I'm so glad I came upon this.

    May God continue to give you his strength and joy and peace.
    Bless you,
    Ruth (Reitsma) Sardar