Monday, March 12, 2012


I'm finally awake enough to post a new blog. It's taken me all afternoon just to wake up. The procedure went well this morning at 11 a.m. I now have a tube straight from my left kidney to a bag outside my body. I'll have to get used to that and learn all the ins and outs of having a nephrostomy, but for now I think it's working quite well. There is still pain on the left side but mostly from the incision site and the surgery itself. Hopefully that will lessen and go away in due time. Home nursing care will be involved to change the dressings and help me adjust to this new "normal.". So glad I could return home again. I will have family staying with me at least for the next week - but don't hesitate to visit anyways! My sister just baked some delicious squares. Yum,yum....
Please pray that my kidneys will function well from now on and I can resume my normal chemo schedule on Friday again. Praise be to God, our Father, who knows what we need and when we need it!

Still leaning,

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  1. Sending you my prayers, positive thoughts and ooooooodles of my love. xo