Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here we go again....

This is Ardie writing for Sandra. Unfortunately Sandra's in the hospital. The procedure done on February 18 to relieve the kidneys is not working. She's back to where she started less than a month ago. She will have a different procedure tomorrow to hopefully relieve the problem.

As I'm writing this she is not in a bed in the hospital. Please pray for the procedure tomorrow that it will fix the problem and bring Sandra relief. Also pray for a bed soon! The emergency room is not a good place to be when it's so overcrowded like now.


  1. Thanks for posting, Ardie. Sandra - you've been on my mind a lot today. I was wondering how things were going. I'm fervently praying for both the procedure tomorrow as well as a bed in short order. Heaps of love and prayers for you.

  2. Dear Sandra - (my inspiration and mentor of what it means to live each day trusting God through all circumstances)
    You are on my mind and in my prayers daily. So sad to read this posting. On top of the pain and having to wait in ER, this must be both exhausting and disappointing. How I wish I could 'fix' things for you, Sandra - my heart aches tonight and my soul cries out as I 'beg' God to work things so that a bed and room will become available so you can lie your head on a pillow and rest. I pray you will know and feel God's presence. Also am asking God to hold you in the palm of His hand and to surround you with His grace, mercy, and peace. Love Jan