Friday, July 13, 2012

Enjoying God's Creation

This afternoon I sat by a lake and just enjoyed the sunshine, the view, and the company. What a treat it was! I was outside most of the afternoon. Of course, I made sure I wasn't in the direct sunlight. My nephew was trying to get pictures of different birds - swallows feeding their young, and an eagle flying overhead. My sister has been pointing out a beautiful tiny songbird, a red-breasted house finch, around my townhouse. It has the most beautiful song to sing.
On Monday afternoon I go for my first round of the new chemo drug, navelbine. I'll go to the cancer clinic and they'll be able to use my new port. Oh, happy day!!! Then on Wednesday afternoon I start another new drug for my bones - that injection will be once a month. Two new drugs next week - pray that I will be able to tolerate them well and they will work to shrink/eradicate the cancer in my body.


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