Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In memory of my aunt

Today we laid a dear aunt of mine to rest, safe in Jesus' everlasting arms. It was a sad day, and a happy day, all rolled into one. Sad because I'll miss her sitting beside me in church, sharing the events of a week or singing hymns together. Sad because I'll miss her amazingly accurate memory of family stories and birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Happy because I know she's free of sickness and pain and kidney dialysis. Happy because I know she's singing in glory now and she so loved music. Happy because I was able to share in the celebration of my aunt's life with family and friends. Happy because I am feeling better and the pain is staying under control.
As we sang today - "Because He lives, I can face tomorrow..."


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  1. Truly it was a blessing that you were feeling better with less pain. It was a honor to mom that you could be there. Mom is now at peace with her heavenly father.