Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Hope

This afternoon I had another big appointment with my oncologist. The CT scan showed that there was no change and everything has remained stable. That was the most promising news I could have expected. I, as well as my onc., were surprised by the good results. The left kidney remains the biggest problem, however, and it seems as though there may be cancer in the kidney. However, that is a bit of a mystery to the medical profession. I am going to change to a new regimen of chemotherapy - one drug that I have not had before. Hopefully, the side effects won't be too harsh. Before I start the new chemo, however, I will have a power port "installed.". That way no one will need to find veins again. The power port will allow them to do chemo, do blood work, and even inject dye for CT scans. I am looking forward to having that done as soon as possible. My onc. wants me to begin chemo within the next two weeks so the power port has to be put in soon.
I feel thankful and encouraged by today's visit. God answers prayers and He has given me results that I hadn't even thought possible. It amazes me how God answers our prayers in surprising ways. I am blessed with new hope. Thank you, God.

In Christ Alone,

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  1. Sandra - that's surprising, but amazing news! I'm thankful along with you!! May you sleep peacefully tonight, resting in God's promises and care.