Sunday, July 29, 2012

The road to Improvement

It's been wonderful to be home this afternoon. I received a day pass so I was able to get out of my hospital room for several hours and sit in my own chair at home. I took a little walk outside with my mom, enjoying the flowers and soaking in the sunshine. What a treat!
My blood pressure and temperature were back to normal this morning when I woke up. That's a first in a very long time and it was a good sign that things are improving again. If both those things continue to stay normal and my pain is under control, I should be able to return home to stay.
It was 4 years ago today that I finished my radiation treatments after my first bout with breast cancer. A special little girl was born that day, too (Happy Birthday, dear JM), and it reminds me of God's goodness and faithfulness. God gives life and He is faithful in giving His children joy and strength, peace and refuge, in that life. "How great is our God, sing with me, how great is our God..."

Singing His praises,

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  1. Hi glad that things are looking up and that you hope to be home soon! How nice to have been out of the hospital for a few hours!! I hope that the pain can get and stay under control and that you feel like you are able to do a few more things again. Praying for continued relief from pain!