Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Upblog the Date

Sandra asked me to "upblog the date," in other words: update the blog. The mixed up words were cause for a good chuckle. Maybe Sandra invented a new word: upblogging!

Sandra has been in the hospital since yesterday morning. She is in the emergency ward, awaiting a bed on the oncology floor. She did not have the chemo treatment scheduled for yesterday. Once she's on the oncology wing, they will administer it there to watch for reactions.

It was a tough week last week for Sandra. We are hoping for relief of pain. After a visit with the pain management doctor this morning, it seems to be headed for improvement.

Thank you for your continued prayers on her behalf!

--Submitted by Ardie


  1. We're praying for you every day, Sandra! You are an amazing testimony of God's strength in times of weakness! Love, Donna and Jake

  2. You were on my heart, Sandra, so I managed to access your blog from down-under and was disappointed to read that you are in hospital. Yesterday I led a workshop that had participants simulate being in the boat in the midst of the storm as Jesus slept and then imagaine what it was like when the storm was quieted. We were all 'still' as we lved into His story. Sandra, I think of you resting peacefully throughout this 'storm' trusting, knowing, and breathing God's peace. Praying that God will continue to make His presence very real to you and that He will give you strength, healing, and continued peace that passes any human understanding> Love Jan

  3. We are thinking of you Aunt Sandra! Kenneth and I sent you a little gift that was supposed to be delivered yesterday (Tuesday) to your apartment. We did not know that you were in the hospital. We are thinking of you. Pray for your health and for the pain to be more manageable. Hope you can return home soon.

    Miss you,
    Kenneth, Ai and Jasmine