Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chemo is finished!

This is Ardie writing. Once again Sandra is asleep after her 4th and final round of chemo. Everything went really well today. We were finished in only 3.5 hours including the pre-chemo drugs to combat an allergic reaction. This treatment seems to have gone the best. That's a good way to end.

Now we just pray that the side effects are minimal over the next few weeks and that no infection sets in this time! Even though Sandra doesn't have to have any more chemo treatments, she won't feel really finished until about 3 weeks have passed when her body can be recovered from the treatment today.

Sandra gave a thank you card to the chemo nurses today that she had made. It was a "never-ending" card. The nurses loved it and all came to find out how she made it. They said it inspired all of them to get crafting.

I'm hoping this is the last posting I have to make--that all goes smoothly from here out. We won't talk about radiation yet--don't want to think about that yet--that's a month away.


  1. Well...what an answer to prayer! Like you said yesterday, Sandra, to God be the glory:).

    I hope you rest well and heal well.

    Thanks again, Ardie, for taking Sandra to her treatments, for your excellent care of her, and for your continued updates on the blog! What a great sister-in-law, but even more so, what a great friend!!


  2. What amazing news...will be praying that your body heals fast and with no complications.... you are always in my thoughts Sandra!!! Hope to hear good things on your next post!!!

  3. Yahoo! Chemo is finished! I prayed for you all day today and I'm so glad to hear that things went well! To God be the glory!

    Thanks for the good visit yesterday! I'm looking forward to the next one!

    Love, Alyssa