Friday, May 15, 2009

Couch Potato

Friday already and the end of another week, and a week ago since my third round of chemo. It's been a rather rough week, especially with nausea, vomiting, and heartburn. Today was pretty good, although I still find it very hard to eat much and I was very tired so the couch looked very inviting most of the day.
Yesterday my sister had another appointment with her oncologist here in Abbotsford and tests showed that the cancer had not spread elsewhere in her body. That was absolutely great news for her and now she can get ready for her chemo, which will begin on May 26th. She'll basically be starting when I am done.
OK - I'm headed back to the couch but it has been nice to chat with you. I hope you have a fantastic long weekend - and I just hope the sun keeps on shining! Two nieces and a nephew are traveling down from Alberta this weekend. It'll be good to see them sometime tomorrow. I hope the snow is gone from the Coquahalla by the time they go over it.

In Christ's love,

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  1. Sandra, your pictures look great! Good for you for figuring out this whole blog thing!! Love the quilt, too.

    Also, thanks for sharing your sister's good news that the cancer has not spread. That is awesome!

    Praying for you. Enjoy this beautiful sunny day.
    ♥ Sarah