Monday, May 25, 2009

The Perfect Hat

OK - Jeanette and I were at the camera again making pictures with all sorts of head coverings that I have. So here's to Friesland - dit photo is voor mij familie in Holland - de volmaakt hoed voor en sonnige dag.
I had a good day today and enjoyed a visit with my aunt in Ontario over the phone as well as a visit from a friend this afternoon.
Please pray for my sister, Audrey. She begins her first chemotherapy treatment tomorrow here in Abbotsford, a whole new phase of her breast cancer journey. I'm looking ahead to my last treatment and Audrey is just beginning her six rounds of chemo. Much strength and many blessings in the weeks ahead, Audrey!

Resting in Him,

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  1. Hey Sandra,
    I'm praying that your LAST!! chemo treatment goes well today. Hopefully this one will go off without any incident:).

    Blessings and strength to you, my friend!