Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 24

What another beautiful day! I spent sometime sitting outside reading a book. I did a lot of reading today and talking to various family members on the phone. This evening I was invited to the neighbours' house for supper and we just sat around and talked. Thanks, Gordie and Karen (I even ate some supper!) It was nice to have a change of scenery. We watched a little bunny sitting perfectly still in the grass. I wonder what it was thinking about! I was going to post some new pictures on the blog but I think I'll do that another day instead.
I hope you had a refreshing Sunday and blessings to you in the week ahead.



  1. Hi Sandra....sounds like you had a beautiful Sunday ...I am so so happy to hear all is going sound so positive and full of God's love...enjoy those books...let us know what you are reading...i need something good for the Summer!!! Sending much love your way....

  2. Hi,miss.Elgersma.It's me James.I hope your 4th round of kemotherapy go's well!Joyfull sounds is done.Have a good recovery.See you in september! Love,James

    Hi miss elgersma
    i miss you that you are sick by brett

    Hi Sandra,
    Well, as you can see, the boys were wishing to send you a message and have been asking alot. I'm not sure if you know Brett or not, but he sure wanted to send you a message. Regular prayers are going up for you from this household and we wish you God's richest blessings and total healing.

    Flo Kehler