Sunday, May 3, 2009

He's Got the Whole World In His Hands!

Hey, I just posted a new picture on my blog. Something like that is such a big deal when you don't consider yourself a computer kind of person. That's my sister, Audrey, beside me.
I have had a good day - my eyes have been bothering me yesterday and today. They're sore and a bit teary but I can put up with that. It's another side effect of the drugs. Isn't it great to have an excuse for everything that happens to you? I can certainly tell that the drugs are building up in my body because fatigue is more pronounced the last couple of days. I go to bed earlier and get up later and still nap during the day!
We went to see my mom and dad this afternoon and had such a wonderful visit. We sat outside on the deck - it was so pleasant. We watched the hummingbird feed and the bunny rabbit hop around and the newly-shorn sheep grazing in the field. But no fish in the pond - oops, I think the heron's been grazing as well. My dad was playing his harmonica when we arrived. Nathaniel made a video of you, Dad. We listened and watched on the way home - very cool!
Tomorrow morning I go for blood work and have a doctor's visit in preparation for chemo round #3 on Thursday (May 7). I can definitely say now that I am halfway through the chemo. Yeah!
Have a great week!

Marvelling at God's handiwork,

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  1. Thanks for the update!! Have a great sleep and a good day tomorrow. Hope all goes well with the bloodwork etc.