Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Psalm 16

The fever is gone and hopefully those little neutrophils are replenishing themselves once again. The treatments are definitely leaving me with less energy. My stomach is also not very agreeable to eating so that doesn't help either. But my sister made a pot of mashed potatoes for me (my favourite food lately for whatever reason) and so I have that to eat. Thanks, Sharon! It is delicious!
I think I'll go and pick up my mail and walk outside while it is still dry. Thank you so much for continued prayers, and visits, and phonecalls. I do love hearing from you all.
Psalm 16 is my favourite Psalm and here is a verse from a song based on that Psalm that my sister Sharon calligraphied (?) for me 24 years ago through my first round of chemotherapy.
Protect me, God: I trust in You.
I tell you now, "You are my Lord;
On You my happiness depends."
Protect me, God: I trust in You.
I have to remind myself to keep trusting, even through the more difficult times because I know for sure that God is protecting me and holds me firmly in the palm of His hand!

Protected in His care,

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