Wednesday, May 6, 2009

oiehjxadwoiefn (Bandaged thumbs makes typing hard!)

Today was a tired day - not a lot of energy. I have to take a certain drug already a day before my chemo starts and I think that was affecting me. My stomach has not been great and I've had very achy legs, too. That means I just took it real easy today. I did some visiting,too - over the phone with my sister and others, and in person with friends from school. I'm not looking forward to round #3, but I'm ready. Please pray for smooth sailing tomorrow - a good vein, no allergic reaction, and no infections later. My chemo begins at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow but the doctor wants the drugs to be injected even slower, so it could be a long procedure.

Resting in His care,


  1. Hello, friend! I'm praying that things go smoothly today. Nothing out of the "ordinary" please! Wishing you an extra, extra measure of God's peace and strength.