Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Victoria Day!

Just to keep in touch with you all... I am ready to sit on my couch and watch a movie. I don't have a lot of energy to do much (same old story) and so watching a movie seems to be a good thing to do. My family has gotten together for dinner but that was too much for me and I'm not feeling like dinner anyways. Yesterday everyone was over for tea - 16 family members: sisters, brothers, parents, nieces, and nephews. It was great! I didn't have to do a thing and it was so good to see everyone.
This morning Ardie and I went back to the hospital to check out my blood work since the doctor had asked us to do that on Friday night. We waited a long time (3 hours) and received no answers; only more questions. My neutrophil count went down from Friday night and I'm on antibiotics. I'm still running a fever and that doesn't seem like a good thing to me but the doctor just told me to go home because there were too many germs in the emergency room anyways. I don't know what I'm supposed to do now but I'll just wait until tomorrow when I can talk to the cancer clinic, I guess. It's all a little frustrating and a little tiring and calling people about my health concerns is certainly not my favourite thing to do. Oh dear, oh dear... if only I could teach - that's much easier and more pleasant!
OK - no more complaining, eh? Time to relax and take it easy. My sister will spend the last evening here yet tonight and then she'll head back to Alberta with her children tomorrow. I hope they don't have to drive in any snow!

Take care,
Love, Sandra


  1. Hey, Sandra.......
    Hang in there, girl. I'm sure your cancer docs will give you some answers tomorrow and for now you can spend a nice evening with Sharon. Yes, there is a lot of snow here in Alberta - it came down all day today - no garden planting this weekend, but it should be gone in a day or two and then we are going to focus on planting flowers and that kind of stuff! Are those actual pink shoes in your photo? They seem to match very nicely with the flowers, your scarf & quilt!
    Love & blessings, Cindy & Paul

  2. I hope you got some answers from the cancer clinic today....

    What movies can you recommend to watch? Are you still keeping a little notebook about all the movies you watch? We saw Slumdog Millionaire not too long ago, and it gives a lot to think about, and I loved the music, too!!