Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Friday afternoon musing...

I called Audrey this afternoon and she is doing well after her surgery. She is at home and taking it easy as she recovers from her surgery. She hardly had any pain so she was grateful for that. It was good to talk to her and she was glad that surgery was over. Step one of our treatment is done for both of us.
It's been a quiet day here at home and I had more energy than yesterday. I read the book of Joshua this morning from The Message and was struck by the words STRENGTH! COURAGE! I'm praying that God will give Audrey and I and our families strenghth and courage as we go onward from here. I know He is with us every step of the way and thank you, all of you out there, for your continued prayers and love. "I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God."

In His strength,

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    I found you! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Just wanted to let you know that my friends and family are praying for you.

    you are amazing!